A Momentous Occasion

Today, at long last, after 2 whole years maybe more.

The studio was finally cleaned.

We threw out 15 bags of garbage, swept the floors even polished the desks. Simeon polished his desk with an entire roll of toilet paper until it shone like a thousand suns. (Simeon should get out more we say). I cleaned Mike’s desk until it glowed like a rather grubby, badly cleaned, orbiting planet.

Although I feel a huge sense of satisfaction, I now reek of pledge
(Anna carries a pack of pledge wipes with her for some mysterious reason)

On a more unhappy note I didn’t do half my list of things for today. I especially can’t seem to goad myself to do the invites for the show.

How the fuck do you even begin to whittle it down?

Deranged comments preferred

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