Our last crit tomorrow. *boo hoo sob wah wail cry cry sniff sniff snerk I’m so sad*

I don wannnna leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeavve waaaaaaah boo hoo the real world SUCKS!

7 days and counting.


I have so many things to do!

I finished the purple drawing. Need to layout my book in two separate formats for tomorrow.

After 3 days of burning heat it is now freezing cold. Climate change does worry me a bit.

I need to print 3, A3’s on my own paper of the Tea Party maybe Purple and Pool.

I told the 6th floor print technician ages ago that his print paper was rubbish not realizing he ran the entire print unit. He said he was quite hurt by that. I hastily tried to retract my statement but I couldn’t.

Sadly it is true. His paper quality isn’t very good. I want heavy weight large prints and less than 200 just doesn’t cut it. (I say as I pretend to be Sir Alan Sugar)

I praise the Voice of Bedford for leaving such excellent comments.
I shame the Voice of Leo for harassing and intimidating people who leave comments by insulting them.



5 thoughts on “7

  1. Leo/insults: I think there’s at least three of me, so we can share any harassment equally between us.Yeah, the real world sucks. No possibility of getting another degree and then another one and then..? (Of course you’d need a sponsor for that kind of escapism, too.)

  2. anon: i wish i could do another degree, heck I wish I could just apply for the same degree in a different pathway.or maybe even the same pathway. over and over like ground hogs day.sadly i have no sugar daddy sponsoring me.i need to find one. soon

Deranged comments preferred

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