9 thoughts on “Performance

  1. you sketch is a big hit in the office. my boss said he likes your style and then made some lame joke about it being a “shitty painting”. with puns like that being hurled around all day, how can you blame me for a lousy sense of humour? it’s only encouraged around these here parts. my verification word today is the best i’ve ever got: pignea.

  2. haha oh dear. people like you really ought to be castised insted of encouraged.charis is going to be annoyed with me since i havent texted him or anything in ages. [i only mention that becuase of the shitty joke ref.]

  3. pihnea is very good indeed.Foz tried to comment apparently but couldnt do it becuase he didnt know how to click the ‘other’ bit or ‘anon’ button. i’m so dissapointed. how funny would that have been?

  4. as the final day looms,,tears well,bottoms frap,wee drips,chunder swirls,spit dries,artwork gets finished,frames get smashed,we change our mind yet again because our brains were surgically removed by the spector of master aresoles while we were silently night sleeping in our not some warm beds as all the blankets are wrapping our damaged frames.One must ponder the true meaning of Master.Yoda said its the path to true enlightenment,Father Xmas said its about dreams do come trueA very wise/nutter of a man once said that the true meaning is to talk yourself inside and outside of a paper bag,while recounting mind numbing lectures about post modernist nonsense while turning around 3 times with your eyes closed while farting very discreetly as to not awaken the ghosts of illustration who are like the dregs in the bottom of that dodgy research portfolio which Im still not sure if I should submit that one trully bit of artwork which I did so long ago that I was still in my fathers womb before he shat me out said Happiness Happiness the world is full of nappiness.May you live long and prosper….Spock.Speaking of prospor…..If anyone does happen to make tons of cash,you should generously donate a significant contribution to the illustrators support fund,which helps with conselling and pschological development beyond the state of a demented ameba…..low life cell structure for those who didn’t know.As the very wise bugs bunny once said on the south bank show….Thats all folks

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