Yesterday was an intensely depressing day, I’m not sure why.

The whole day seemed like a total write off. Completely useless.

I slept at 4 and got up at 8 to let the handyman in. I made a very strong cup of coffee and the caffeine high kept me buzzing until about mid afternoon when it wore off and I came down crashing.

Caffeine doesn’t agree with me at all.

But perhaps thats because of all the unpleasant associations.

I took my book to the printer. The bill was hideously high. I got to college and realized that even though I proof read it a hundred times, due to a hasty decision to crop the right margin, all my page numbers were 1 cm off center.

Simeon’s work is still fucked and lying all over the studio and that depresses me even more than ‘Black Hole’ did. I feel as if I’m in a Poe story and all his work is looking at me accusingly “You ruined me Janine, you ruined me”

Although ‘Black Hole’ had been lying in my bedroom for over a month untouched, I decided I should now finish reading it since yesterday was the last day to return all our library books or we wouldn’t get our marks. I sat outside the studio with my lunch [just to be on the safe side] and read it cover to cover.

I thought it might give me a sense of satisfaction in reading at least one of the many books I took out and then just left to rot in my locker. The story line was so melancholic I felt like crying half way through.

I returned it eventually and then felt guilty I had wasted 2 hours reading a book instead of slogging like a bitch, or doing my frames or whatever. What a waste of a day.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Simeon’s work is looking mighty fine and he has decided that some of the coffee stain now looks like piss, which has added something. Besides, he managed to iron a sheet of brown paper to one piece on Friday night and ended up having to paint over it. Look on the bright side – he may only hate you for four years now.

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