All Bark

I’ve noticed an alarming behavior pattern with the ex that I can’t seem to break out of.

I’ve begun to fill any silences when it’s just the two of us with seriously inane chitter-chatter.

I mean, as it is my conversation is generally full of inane chitter-chatter and pure rubbish, but not at this absolute rock bottom level. I can hear myself doing it and I kick myself, tell myself to stop but just can’t seem to.

I don’t do this with other people, I know.

With a good friend there can be many pauses in-between subjects that are just comfortable moments of silence, both content in the knowledge that no matter how long your list of deficiencies are you are happily tolerant of each other.

The ex and I have come to a point where we seem to have so little to say to each other anymore. Every outing is an argument, every discussion a stand-off.

The tension within the gaps in our speech seem to lie like a dead weight and hard as I try I can’t seem to quite fill them.

Inane chitter-chatter is the refuge of the dammed.


4 thoughts on “All Bark

  1. I too remember going through a small-talk phase towards the end of a relationship and got deeply annoyed and frustrated by it. It was eventually resolved one evening when I drank too much and grabbed her breasts. Her response (married, one child…) was “steady”. Call me a hypocrite but I should have been severely beaten. Anyway, I went off her after that.

  2. just landed on this blog – like the voice of B: try grabbing some part of your ex and see how it goes? you too might get rid of this ‘ex’ once and for all..(I love grabbing..hehe)Thats what ex’s are for arent they – reminders of how long you invest in relationships for them to get to a point where (as in your case) all thats left is small talk! (or in mine – all their belongings with me.)gotta love it ‘small talk = The End’. This shall be my new sign of the year for any relationship going down the drain.Unless you are of the type to whom this might be worth saving via a big talk?

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