Critique Ettiquette Sequel

Foz just emailed us asking the 2nd years to give a small lecture in front of our work to the first years

He claims our pearls of wisdom are so great the first years must know them.

I have no pearls of wisdom.





But I do have some additional rules for acceptable Critique Ettiquette.

18. Drawing during a crit to while away tedious hours is tempting but must be resisted at all costs.
To do this in front of Foz would be like eating peas with a knife in front of the Queen.

19. It is possible to amuse yourself instead by giving invaluable [hah!] feedback to thy peers.

20. Chewing innumerable packs of gum helps stave away both hunger and boredom. Thou shalt be rewarded by minty fresh breath as thou hurls venom at thy classmate.

21. Caffeine is not thy friend if thou art clumsy. This rules applies to any liquid.

22. Learn Indesign & Flash for it shall save thy lowly life when thou has not found freelance illustration work and have just realized paint is inedible.

23. ‘Nice’ and ‘cool’ are still forbidden words and thou shalt be socially ostracized and flogged for such heresy.


2 thoughts on “Critique Ettiquette Sequel

  1. Re: point 18. Very well observed. I found myself doing this during one of those seminars but ceased immediately when cornered. Onnalin however, continued to draw all over my elbow and up my arm and then wanted me to engage in a game of noughts & crosses. I suppose one gains this resolve as result of a private education.

  2. haha so trueshe is sitting next to me right now. we watched 3 back to back episodes of Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares. on the first episode she said yuck hes so not attractive. by the second she said maybe by the third it was I’m attracted to his personality so I’d def go on a date with him.

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