The Night After the Night Before

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well.
I just wanted to congratulate all of you on getting your MA’s.
Its been a real pleasure for me this year.
(awwww…………………He’s lying.)
I hope to see some of you at the degree ceremony.
(For a drink any excuse will do, even a graduation)
If I can be of any help to you in the future please just give me a call.

Kind regards
your friend

P.S can you clear your work and stuff from the studios as soon as you can.
(How mean. I don’t want to leave yet!)

Simeon says Foz must have a death wish by telling us we can call him. He’ll never get rid of us. Poor bastard.

This blog is bad enough but imagine everyone calling him when they’re drunk?

“Fooooooz!…..We loooove you! We do.. we do! We looooove yoooou.. Your the besht, just the besht and we jusht wanned to shay.. to say …to shay? no… we do we do yeah so…. ok bye”

Anyway I’m not calling, why can’t he call?

Nobody calls me *sniff sniff I’m so unloved* except Leo drunk and my parents sober.

Although Leo calling drunk is pretty much the same as the quote above. The only other function of my phone is to tell me the time (which is wrong in any case) and to wake me up.

I feel this sudden urge to drink until my liver catches up to Onnalin’s. I want to go to loud clubs with thumping bass and grinding gay boys and surly androgynous girls until every rational thought is wiped out from my brain.

I’ll be back to B.A. thinking shortly I’m sure.

My body can’t seem to recover from Friday night. Saturday I forced myself out of bed and into town for Charis birthday party, my liver, kidneys and lungs shrieking in rage at me.

Monty asked me if I’d been crying, my eyes were so bloodshot.

“NO!! I have not!!”

I indignantly respond.

“I’ve been drinking.”

I say proudly.

I feel more pain and loss in the end of my 2 yr romance with Catton street than anything else. If the M.A. was a relationship then at least I’ve been dumped with a distinction. Small consolation though, I feel very anti-climatic on the whole.

Charris’s birthday was fun aside from him insisting I take back one half of a present I bought for him (hugely insulting!) Mr. Habib drank 4 glasses of wine, got really drunk by 8 o clock and then fell over on his way to argue with a bouncer. The rest of us mostly drank orange juice aside from Lina who got very sleepy by 1:00 am.

Old age has well and truly set in for us Charis.

My left knee started to crack and click and ache while walking up the stairs to Kardo’s flat where we ate shwarmas, hummus and a really strange tabuleh purchased on Edgware Road.

Sadi accompanied by Charis dropped me home all the way from Ladbroke Grove to Brixton in his plush new car. He plans to deck it out with 10 speakers and a bluetooth stereo, he confesses (Sadi’s a boy who won’t be, can’t be satisfied with anything less than 10 speakers)

I wish we could have just kept driving all night listening to dance music. I was almost sorry to be home. Fell asleep as my head touched the pillow.


2 thoughts on “The Night After the Night Before

  1. what an asshole that charris must be, and how insulting it is that he would try and return ‘half a present’, i mean a gift that splits into two pieces, why on earth would anyone share a time honoured tradition and share the gift as done in other cultures, all that crap that jesus must have been spouting about breaking bread with his fellow beings was actually truly insensitive and selfish of him. And the same of chariis, what a fool he is, next he’ll be offering crisps and buying drinks for people.

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