Rainbow Over Brixton

It hasn’t been much of a summer.
Been raining and thundery all day while still staying warm.
Kind of like a continental Mumbai.

03-07-07_2012 Rainbow Brixton

Rainbow Brixton

Rainbow Brixton


8 thoughts on “Rainbow Over Brixton

  1. im sick of this weather, im sick of the new fuckink law, im sick of this country….. ive been very misserable lately.how are u woman?Fer

  2. i’m so fucking pissed off with the law!±!!!! dont even get me started. I only hope that everyone with kids will now smoke at home so there!! the govt. can stick their legislation to protect everyone from themselves up their fucking anus.whewi’m okhavent seen you in ages. coming to camilles tom? what happened to make you miserable??

  3. Yes, it would be rather nice if Bedford could be a continental Mumbai. We have many people of varying colours and probably more mosques and gurwurdas than Bradford. But yesterday all we had a mere grumble of thunder and a light shower, that’s all. I saw Brixton High Street on the news and seethed with jealousy.Furthermore it has just occurred to me that I should be at college doing some interviewing. Bugger and shite.

  4. I have the same camera as yours!! Canon 620. (Vivid colors mode gets brighter colors)Last year, we saw double rainbows… 2 VIBGYOR arcs

  5. VOB: dammit I wanted to go interviewing and at least i would have turned up on time!! I’m so jealousits not my camera.its my stupid phone

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