Rainbows are so nice

rainbows are so Lovely and Pretty And sweet.

i Love rainbows…..

sitting in the Grass and just Looking At cloudy Shapes….

smoking The Grass….

ahhh its Like so nice maaan.

I’ve decided.

I’m going to become a fucking hippie now.

and use capitals improperly.

Gasp Leo will say. Not incorrect punctuation!

NOOOOOOOoooooooooo he’ll wail.

I’m at work. I’m bored and hungover. Someone entertain meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


15 thoughts on “Rainbows are so nice

  1. I just dranj a lot of beer. that’s all i have to say right now. i shallwhine about the punctuation tomorrow. oh, i saw aborted foetuses (foetii?) in formaldehyde (and one in a big hajmola jar) and cadavers (separately) today. i love my job.

  2. Foz will he very happy to hear that. He hates rainbows. Apparently they are a sign of a Camberwell hippie lettuce. I enjoy that VOB and leo both only comment when they’re drunk. leo mainly when he’s drunk AND mentioned in passing. ego maniac.

  3. i love that as a ‘sex columnist’ your southpark character looks like a worn out old bum who hasn’t got laid in years. stop drinking beer and get online man.

  4. leo always has had problems with incorrect punctuation and redundant usage. the problem is he uses them so much himself.rainbows are pretty….maybe you’re turning Judy Garland though, not hippie.

  5. leo once left me a comment asking if the voice of beford was the one with the type obsessed guy with the penis piercing. shameful bad writing. shameful.

  6. ‘fan’…..ahem….let’s say one prefers his written wit to his (attempted) verbal jousts. especially when he’s drunk.

  7. yes its true. hes a very average punner. esp when not soberi’m quite enjoying this leo bashing, but i feel its slightly wasted and would annoy the crap out of him if it was on his blog.

  8. if u become a hippy i will not hang out with you woman, dont ever even joke!how are u young lady??? i can see u been enjoying work…… well give us a shout when ur are free to go for a drinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..fer

  9. dont worry. I’m far away from hippie dom. Riddhi my friend in bombay is a hippie but shes a very angry, angst filled hippie who bathes often. So its all good

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