Thursday: 3rd Day on the Job

Still working on the super dubious flash.

Simon says lots of big big chunky fonts.
Simon says move it all around.
Simon says swirling and moving text.
Simon says chunky swirling moving text
Simon says it’ll be great.

Simon is the guy in charge of this project.

Then I had a 15 minute design meeting with the IT designer and 2 other guys who interviewed me.

I folded up the fire safety and fire emergency procedure instructions and used it to make notes. Or at least to pretend I was making notes. I mostly was scribbling down illegible gibberish.

The Fire safety sheet is ruined now.

More clearly that ever, I begin to see my problems with burning.

Lets hope no one petrol bombs the place.


5 thoughts on “Thursday: 3rd Day on the Job

  1. oh i AM looking forward to returning to the real world (not). “Make it bold, make that bolder, make that bolder than bolder. Put a nice border on it…”At least now I’ll have a piece of paper which will reassure me that I’m right, even if no one else is bothered. Perhaps it’s why I’m still looking for work.Curiously, the last art director I worked with was also called Simon. He had very bad breath.

  2. god i’ve done fuck all all weekendi feel terriblei planned on all these great drawings and all i’ve done is waste time blogging and that stupid fucking myspace.

  3. There once was a carpenter jew.Who thought miracles, he could do.But this put the jews at a loss.So they nailed his ass to the cross.Jesus should’ve just stuck to what he knew.

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