Sunday: BBQ

The saddest BBQ ever

The saddest BBQ ever

As per the continuation of our date the ex decided to have a BBQ at the flat. Just a few friends we decided. The ex was really gung-ho about those instant disposable BBQ kits.

So we invited a few people, Monty, Fernanda, Kurt, Riad and told them to come over by 2-3ish. Monty and Fernanda I knew would never trek it to Angel, neither would Kurt for that matter. It is fortunate I’m surrounded by such lazy uninvolved friends because we only got to the ex’s 2 hours later than when we invited everyone.

The BBQ lasted all of 15 minutes outside the ex’s flat in full view of anyone walking by on the street.

It was slightly uncomfortable I must admit, being watched by constant passers-by especially it being such an intimate party of 2.

So we ate up, closed the shop and dragged back all the paraphernalia so much labor went into assembling outside and sat on the couch.

Can’t really tell you what else we did because this isn’t that kind of blog

It probably should be.

My readership might improve.

4 thoughts on “Sunday: BBQ

  1. salacious personal stuff is always guaranteed to garner attention. you’ll probably end up with louts from Patna going “hi baBY, hot blog. iam biggest fan. give more talk likes hot exciitng” (<>sic<>)…but numbers are numbers, eh?

  2. sad to say Ive never once got a comment from someone wanting to make friendships with me but I did get an email once from beautifulkudi@hotmail saying “I am man but dressing like woman would like some ladies to make friendships with and lovely times.How are you? Thanks you”

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