Crib Crib Whine Whine

I need to get rid of my uterus pronto. I can’t stand it anymore.I wish I was a boy.

Then at least I’d be able to write my name in pee on snow.


8 thoughts on “Crib Crib Whine Whine

  1. snow? where is it snowing?<>‘Cause I want to pee like animals Careless and free like animals I want to pee I want to run through the jungle The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet <>B

  2. Well its not snowing NOW but if it WAS I could write my name with piss. Or perhaps if I was on a beach then on the sand.Thats a good poem by the way

  3. it’s also similar to a pearl jam song.Id rather be…Id rather be with…Id rather be with an animalorI gotta pee…I gotta pee…I gotta pee like an animalsee?

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