Pseudo Update

At some point I must really get around to updating.

Leo sent me a yo-yo via Monty who went home for 3 weeks.

The yo-yo lights up as it bounces.

Leo that bastard.

Thats all the update I can be bothered to type at the moment.



27 thoughts on “Pseudo Update

  1. I used to be an avid reader of this here blog, but this post has really let you down. the fact you admit not being bothered suggests you should consider doing something else like joining islam for example, thats supposed to be a right laugh.

  2. you suspect very correctly. But you must join me Martyn! We’d make a fantastic warrior team! I no longer bathe, leave my room or see daylight. I only play dofus!I also learned some new geek swear words. Its excellent.It doesn’t work because you need to adjust the flash player settings. can do it online. Just click add the entire dofus folder. You must play martyn join us join us do not be afraid join the borg

  3. An abyss it truly is.I’ve spent all day at work making plans for my character’s meteoric rise up the levels of dofus and thus rising in the esteem of other dofus players. its sick I’m so addicted. I don’t even feel guilt about neglecting the blog or not drawing. but I dont care anymore I’ve abandoned all reason. I’m giving up illustration and i plan on playing dofus until i’m a level 50. Oh yes!

  4. level 50? that’s what… about 5 hours away at this rate? =P come on, you have to feel some guilt about being addicted to a game whose title is doofus misspelt.

  5. no no I’m a mere humble level 20 [besides I’m at work]. I bow my head in shame to the great dofus masters who are at all 17 and jobless.oh course dofus is silly. the other names are even sillier. much like hitchhikers is silly. thats what makes it so fun. you must join us.

  6. no no. <><>I<><> cant play dofus at work. [<><>you<><> might be able to, judging by your timeout comic timeout is fairly easy going]I meant how can i level up if I’m at work? Although I shall be playing it in exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes when i get home.*joy*

  7. what nonsense. we’re a hardworking bunch. plus, our stupid techie idiots have this tightass firewall that doesn’t let us download anything. hmph.

  8. you ruin my productivitywith your blog’s being what it is right now (dead), time enters a no-passing zone in my mind. therefore I get nothing done.thanks scritch.

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