Blogs Blogs Everywhere.

and still no updates.

My, I feel so…

…..wayward and rebellious.

[and I have so much great gossip to boot.]


9 thoughts on “Blogs Blogs Everywhere.

  1. your stupid clocks are wrong man. i was supposed to interview a guy at 11am london time so i called him 430 bombay time and discovered i was an hour late. damn you, damn your clocks, damn daylight savings time, damn it all to hell.

  2. haha by the way your mail order bride is returning to the fold today. ??!! – dofus wont let me blog. dofus says I must obey. Dofus is my friendleo: relax man. Don’t take out your agro on the poor clocks. SO are you moving to london or what? I really think you should.

  3. renovatio; clearly you have insecurities about your sexuality. vob: clearly you have no taste.your mail order bride is turning more and more into a complete clinical sociopath. I’m not even fucking joking. Poor Kurt he’s so fucking clueless. I want to take a rolled up newspaper and smack him in the face with it to try and snap him out of it. Maybe that ought to be reserved for Onnalin though

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