Isn’t it funny how condoms aren’t made to measure?

i.e. available in small, medium or large sizes?

With a mans ego it doesn’t seem feasible.

Imagine having to go up to the counter of a pharmacy and say:

“Could I have…one glycodin…”

“A pack of paracetamol and….”

“…a pack of extra-extra small Durex please?”

“Oh no! It’s not for me… friend….very shy..”.

“He’s just waiting in the car…very shy….”

I guess he could ask his girlfriend to do it but that might be even worse.

Every time she asks for the extra-extra small Durex as she buys her pack of Tampax, ‘it’ (the inadequate penis size *snicker*) would mock her.

Just at that point some smart ass guy would slide up next to her at the counter wink at her while he asks the chemist,

“Yar! 12 super mundo large, thanks you please.”

At some point she might even fall for it.

R. once made H. go to a chemist while she sat in the rick, with explicit instructions to get her a pack of sanitary towels. He came back and she said

“Sorry I forgot! Can you go back and get me some toothpaste?”

“What the fuck dude? Like fuck man..*grumble grumble mutter*”

but grumbling aside returned dutifully with the toothpaste.

R. then promptly sent him back to buy a pack of condoms *insert more grumbling here*

R. is worried of what people might think of nice desi ladki buying ‘sex goods’ haw haw!

Although I wonder what the chemist must have thought,

“Condoms, toothpaste and sanitary towels? Hai hai!”

As a triple threat combo it’s a bit suspect. Kinky man, that H.

Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men

Eoughan kindly sent me this highly amusing link to this article which I’m sure many Indian men would hate to read, but I can definitely confirm this about at least one Carter road inhabitant. Poor bastard.


24 thoughts on “Latex

  1. well the problem with sizes is that if men lie about size anyway they are hardly going to opt for a size that fits but more a size that they imagine impresses even if it falls off half way through intercourse. they probably need to market these things for women to buy for them.

  2. speaking as a ‘small man’ in the trouser department, i have never been embarrassed nor nervous about asking for the smaller sized condoms. Infact i have often been commended for my honesty and bravery when asking for them from the local chemist. A small penis is like having any other affliction, you wouldn’t mock someone with lepracy or halitosis, so why should a teeny-weeny-pee-pee be any different? Don’t the best things cum in small packages? Okay, so maybe we cant penetrate like a pornstar, and maybe were about as satifying in bed as cup of cold bovril, but at least its better than having a large ding-dong, those guys have to put with constant approbation and admiration from fellow guys and constant sex with pretty girls. And who wants that?!! (the writer of this comment would like to retract that last line)

  3. Wow anony, I’ve never seen so much in your face inuendo in one place over the course of my life. I consider myself ‘average’, even though I’ve been laughed at and told rather matter of factly “You’re big”, non-sarcastcaly, mind you. Never known what to take the laugh as though…

  4. I don’t understand what’s the ‘big’ deal behind this anyway. It’s all proportionate. The average Nord, probably 6’3″ in height is going to have proportionately-sized hands, feet, torso and cock. The average indian, probably 5’8-5’9″ in height, will have proportional appendages again. Quite logical, this.

  5. But its not proportional its just plain and simple small. And like the woman is going to care that your tiny penis is logically proportional. She’ll soon be running off with the nord.

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