Twin Rants

I seem to have fallen into another phase of addiction but it is with great hope that as I type this, I feel almost sure that it will soon pass. I can sense boredom with my game setting in.

Although at one point like a true junkie, I found myself making excuses to get out of going out and meeting real people. Instead preferred to spend more time online building up my ‘characters levels’ and talking in stupid acronyms to 12-17 years olds.

True all my ‘reality’ friends were on holiday anyway but I’m still consciously and progressively neglecting the few I do have left.

On the other hand due to my diligence in clawing my way up the steep ladder of game levels my esteem has been raised in the eyes of other Dofus players.

But I have taken the time away to aggressively type out these two sequential rants because I’m so effing irritated with London.

You know, it was fucking bound to happen.

All you morons supporting the ‘blanket’ smoking ban have left the door wide open for any other kind of ban that supposedly ‘improves’ us and ‘betters’ society

[Bah humbug! At the same time they legalize 24/7 pub opening hours and gambling, no doubt being totally wasted as we stumble into a casino will better us immensely particularly in the wallet department]

They now want to ban any kind of alcohol in public because their cockeyed logic is that this will stop the pitter-pattering of little teens binge drinking and then smashing each others heads open.

Even more offensively they want to raise the fucking price of alcohol so that us regular Jane responsible punters have to pay for some twatted bunch of drunks who get lagered up! As if price will stop a determined student out on a bender? And we have to pay for this logicless shit??

Is everything remotely fun going to be banned one by one?

And another thing – These fucking shameless goddamn breeders shitting out kid left right and center actually have the nerve to complain about how they aren’t being offered free fertility treatment by the NHS!

The NHS which in some boroughs refuses to pay for cancer treatment and is under funded, under staffed and generally swamped in all areas but all these fucking breeders can think about is how the blessedly barren aren’t being offered fertility treatment.


As if incapacity to squirt out children is some fucking life threatening illness even remotely comparable to cancer not to mention pregnancy being a completely voluntary process unlike a fucking terminal disease.

Why the fuck should the NHS [ergo the tax payers and yes, I pay tax] have to pay for what is in effect an entirely non-essential cosmetic treatment and clearly encourages over-population??

When not being able breed actively kills people or the world even runs out of humans [hah!!] would I ever be happy and willing to support fertility treatment.

Fucking hell. I really hate people.



19 thoughts on “Twin Rants

  1. despite the slightly warped viewpoint, that’s actually a decent point. it’s quite true that raising prices will hurt the moderate or social drinkers, while the ones who intend to get smashed will do so anyway. and it’s not like they care about debt anyway. but then this is true of most things – raising the price of fuel wouldn’t stop bikers from revving around, but your average worker would get screwed.

  2. re-reading that post, there’s a slight objection to your second rant. while it’s tragic that the NHS doesn’t have funding/facilities to treat cancer patients, you cannot deny people asking for a particular treatment. It’s a right they pay taxes for, and it’s one of the most fundamental human concept (procreate). What should be done is to have priorities – so funds can be diverted where needed. But not saying don’t give fertility treatment at all. Lack of havinga child too has associated problems – depression, etc – which the NHS would anyways then have to pay for.

  3. YYEESSSS! pure anger once more from the embittered janine..nothing like a few kiddy related topic to get your blood boiling.I think that dofus thing has tranquilised your best qualities in the past months…anger, spite, delirium..many of my favourites…If you feel out of touch with your natural hatred for all things baby related just stop by my house…my housemates tried to convince me that their baby’s shit smells like freshly baked bread..and they said this with straight faces as they handed her towards me.i politely declined

  4. ??!-Your disagreement with my point of view is complete rot. [as always]Procreating would be vital and necessary if the world wasnt already stuffed to the hilt with humans. We certainly don’t need any more. Secondly:Your argument is that barren couples also pay tax is true: But considering NHS resources are not bottomless, Infertility is not some MRSA super bug, Global population is constantly rising… Therefore logically fertility treatments can never be a priority.Thirdly treating depression is a hell of a lot cheaper than fertility treatments which are exorbitant and not always successful even on multiple attempts.Fourthly adoption should be encouraged far more. Procreate with your damn own money and let the poor bastards get their chemo I say but thats my view. Euoghan: in a scientific study they actually proved that the hormones released during pregnancy and birth actually cause women to drop a huge number of IQ points. Sad but true. Its one the the main reason women have never run the world. Once you’ve shat out a kid you lose a good portion of your mind. My mother spends most of her time talking to cats now. Its sweet in a way…

  5. They should adopt fucking Indian and chinese kids. Not only will they get hyper-intelligent kids they can moan in pleasure to their other presumptuous friends about, they’ll help encourage adoption more.And computer game addiction is bad. I used to play an mmo called Astonia. Yes, I still had no idea what mmorpg stood for until I came across your site, but I was rather hooked, and would often lose sleep over it. Though I am something of a legend in that game, having done things people insisted weren’t possible, they’re people I’ll never meet, and I have nothing to show of the years I spent playing that game. It might be fun, but find a way to be able to just get up and do other stuff occasionally.

  6. scritch,leo:alternative name options have always been available on my blog profile. go pick.scritch: agree with the adoption bit. although, if anything, people in asia should stop having kids. western europe has quite a miserly birth rate. and i agreed about chemo being more of a priority. i only disagreed with your comment that that the NHS shouldn’t have to pay for fertility treatment.

  7. I have an experiment: If we banned people from having kids then there would be no subsequent adolsecent generation to binge drink, and thus no alcohol-related trouble, and thus NO REASON TO MAKE ME PAY FOR THE ANNOYING FUCKERS.But I fear, much as the government has a penchant for banning things, it has a far greater penchant for stealth revenue. And, speaking as someone who worked in a baby unit for a while, baby shit does not smell of bread. It initially looks like putty and smells of sick. Eventually it smells like shit.

  8. erm..and pushing a whole entire human being out of your vagina is simple?? (to say nothing of the nine months of chronic torture that precede this)(word verification: rwpmgugy)

  9. haha!!! misserable bitch, i love you. tho i have to tell u that all the bulloks everyone said about fabric, that u have to queue to smoke and the 6 min u get, thats no true (well it is)but u can still smoke in the dance floor, and if the catch u they dont kick u out. too many fucked faces smoking they can do much.

  10. bunch of bastards. Fertility treatment should be offered to couples that work hard and actually put money back into this country why should we be denied a child?. Maybe we should look at the fact that we are innundated with immigrants that are taking advantage of the nhs. or the fact that there are 1000s of people claiming benefits and not contributing.

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