Shop Girl


I met a whole bunch of Bawas from colaba today who came to the shop.

How weird. They introduced me to their son Rustum.

He looked like a young geeky Shiraz. So cute.

Read an article in the paper about cannabis causing 41% increase in people with previous psychosis problems.

Am dismissing it as typical newspaperish anti-drug propaganda.

At least they have the decency to state that they’re aren’t yet sure if people who inherently leaning towards being nut cases tend to toke in the first place.

But I’m dismissing it as society paranoia.

Instead of worrying about all the children women are shitting out left right and centre, they won’t let people smoke in peace.

When is this nannying going to end?? Doesn’t the government understand that it is not my mother?

If it were all the MP’s would be collecting cats and then complaining about them to everyone while standing on the road and hollering loudly

“Minkeeee Minkeee daaarrrrling whereee aaarrrrre yooooou?”

I’m so addicted to the TV series Heros, I’ve skipped going out so I can stay in bed and feed my sick sick pathetic addiction.

And I think I’m going to smoke a little. oh yes i am,


Deranged comments preferred

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