The Great Job Hunt continues….

Interview at Alexander McQueen’s design studio.

I am told to wait outside in the corridor.

I am then vaguely instructed to go inside by an unsure camp Indian-ish guy [Indian Bangladeshi Pakistani who can tell anymore] with long ratty hair and a completely bald crown.

Another camp exasperated skinny blond ‘boy’ is running the interviews.

I’m ushered in as another girl is still mid-interview. I stand behind her waiting awkwardly, unsure of where to look. I read the titles on the book shelf trying not to eavesdrop.

Someone asked the Camp Boy how many interviewees he’s got lined up. He rolls his eyes and says sarcastically in a European accent “Like, 7…………….hundred million…”

The girl is done and I sit in her vacated and still slightly warm seat.

Camp Boy says in a tone heavily laden with boredom “Hello, how are you?….Well, Lets see it then!” and proceeds to browse through my portfolio with one hand, flicking the pages back and forth lazily, exuding indifference and disdain from every pore.

I mention he looks tired. He smiles icily and says bitchily “No I’m OK, thanks”

The interview last a total of 8-9 minutes.

“OK well…..we’ll call you in like, maybe the next week OK? Bye thanks for coming”

I walk out the main door to find the weird camp Indian-ish guy with bad hair comforting a very tall blond fashion-ista girl smoking while in floods of tears.

Ah just another day in the Alexander McQueen factory.


4 thoughts on “The Great Job Hunt continues….

  1. have you noticed ‘camp’ people are always happy. i cant understand it. they must be great fun to work with because nothing is going to get in the way of them and their jovial mood. “David, there was a factory explosion last night, mark, james and jason all perished in the fire”“I know its awful….. but did you see how fabulous ‘Sex in the City’ was last night?”.

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