MA-ness and Rainbow Ties


Back posted: Nov

Spent all day at work rearranging the ties in rainbow colours grading them from dark to light with all the concentration, intensity of the master that I am.

I spend hours and hours diligently moving ties around in various colour and pattern orders, deeply contemplating my magnificent and various levels of MA-ness. Foz & Gary would have been so proud.

Two years of studying illustration and I rearrange ties on colour order. I might as well go back to kindergarten.

Looked at my Lloyds TSB account and shrieked loudly, in my head, for 15 minutes. Have realized sadly that until the end of November probably should avoid eating food because if I do I won’t make rent this month.

I never knew what a shameless spend thrift I was until I saw all my Sainsbury’s bills lining up neatly horrifying me to my very bones [For all the ready meals I’e bought I could buy a ton of gold].

So to re-cap my poverty:

No fags

No going out

No eating

NO STARBUCKS! I SAID NO JANINE NO don’t be so fucking weak
[those devious, greedy, little greasy bastards at Starbucks have been progressively and very sneakily raining the price of hot chocolate up my 10 pence every month. Its now rates at an exorbitant £2.80]

Scrimping on the maal [sob]
Prayers daily

Thus I return home on this cold day, my back laden down with my laptop which the last few weeks has been surgically attached to my hip for various reasons, to the cold comfort of packet noodles.

I was so absorbed in reading the London Lite I missed my stop, then got on the next train back and missed my stop again [sigh] so its been quite along day. I’m tired, I’ve been standing in the tube and missed my tea and I smell.

But I return to my little room to a pleasant and welcome bounty from the mysterious Royal Mail. The post has been remarkably kind to me today

not one , no
not two, no no
but three packages.

Item 1
My long overdue [and fucking overpriced] graduate visa.. joy joy another year of poverty and begging pleading groveling for a job please please give me a job pretty please cherry on top.

Item 2
A payslip from the Press Association [the last one I fear] a surprise none the less I didn’t realize they were still paying me [nominally, of course but who’s complaining] to do nothing

And last but not least the real clincher
A box of brand new puma shoes from a competition I never entered but had apparently won

What a great day.

ps- Happy Diwali

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