Ogre Baby


Back posted: Nov

My dreams for collaboration have eventually came true.

Emma advertised an opening for a last-minute workshop artist. So I did.

Have spent the last 2.5 days teaching a bunch of school drop outs a graphic novel workshop.

It sounds grander than it was.

Picture Michelle Piffer in dangerous minds….

Then picture someone a lot less atrractive, [a fuck load less]

In glamorous places like Uxminster or Westbourne Park, making a vulnerable teenage girl cry.

Foz would have been pleased. After all, I learned from the best.

I feel bad about it now.

However I should like to say that my defense, most of these kids seem to have varying levels of serious emotional problems.

It was far easier to make them cry than for scary Foz to make us cry…..

Although we’d have to take the Firecracker into account……

But the second week went a lot smoother.

One of the girls in the second group said I looked like an ‘oga baby’.

I’ve decided to take that as a backhanded compliment.

Its never easy being green.


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