A drawing I did for the Guardian G2 supplement.

I thought Christmas was going to be uneventful. Then I found myself in A&E in my wife’s knickers.

Blood poured from the wound, which was eventually staunched by a large wad of paper tissues. The whippet resumed its howling…

Alexander Chancellor, Friday January 4, 2008
The Guardian

Full article here

27 thoughts on “Whippet

  1. So like, I get this invite to post on the whining blog – mistake or for real?Because I’m used to be kicked OFF blogs not invited to post ON them.Thought I’d better check.My world may be titling on its axis if you really want to hear me whine. ~grin~

  2. oh yes yes no mistake.I think we need more whiners on the whining blog. We’re not holding it together enough really. Feel free to bitch as much as you please.

  3. having read this post it is with great embarrassment that i admit i did not know what a whippet was. I have put this down to a lack of education throughout my adolescence, and possibly the skunk i smoked during it. Either way this post has proved very informative and for that i thangyew.

  4. The Whippet is often associated with northern working class men who wear flat caps and use the phrase “(affect yorkshire accent) I know what I like and I like what I bloody know”. Other dogs include The Great Dane; The Jack Russell and the Haddock (damn)

  5. Dude, the only whippet I know is this really weird looking British tank that was used in world war 2. I did a presentation for some history class where I featured a ton of trains, howitzer-like guns, tanks and airplanes. The whippet, was one of them. The only picture I had was of it falling into a trench.

  6. these other definitions are going a long way to explaining why i had no idea what it meant. my only experince with whippet is that it is a word coveted by superstar gansta’ rappers in reference to the way they ‘ride’ their automobiles, hence the phrase ‘we whippet,whippet real hard’. yes, i dont know what this means either, but im reliably told by some very ‘ghetto-dooh-rag wearing’ people in brixton that this a ‘cool’ term of phrase’

  7. yo charris hows it going in ‘da hood’ of southgateI hear b gizzle talk about with as a real tough ghetto the other day on tv.then his mummy fixed him a nice lunch.

  8. would prefer it in future if you dont reveal my name and location, these are precarious times in southgate. there are irate elderly greek women roaming the streets and gun-toting jehovah’s witnesses everywhere. makes me scared to open my front door.stop insulting b.gizzle hes my all time major hero (with possibly the exception of mcgyver)

  9. had a customer complain about me at work yesterday citing that i was rude and abusive towards him. Can you fucking believe the cheek of this cunt?(sorry for using the c-word)

  10. oh ha ha! its so easy to mock. b.gizzles a real ‘gangsta’ doin ‘gangsta’ things. his P.A said so.

  11. Gah. Please to be posting more often.– Lurker reader who really likes your blog weirdly enough to take the trouble of this comment

  12. That’s exactly what happened to me when I started working. But now I’ve hit the hump where work disillusions me enough to sput me into spending all my time on the internet. Come on yaar, get enthu again, we’ll make fun of Leo.

  13. I have been reading ur blog for a while now (probably over a year) and moved from london (East Dulwich) to Boston. Missing london and its sainsbury/tesco lifestyle, visas (both immigration and lending plastic) but not so much, the graduate penury 🙂U

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