The Return of The Blogger


So I’ve returned from a lovely and far too short holiday home.


I’ve decided to re-blog again since it will be my only creative outlet since my career has DIED!

Its over! I’m fucking doomed! Forever.

AND WORST of all! I couldn’t buy any duty free fags. NOT ANY. NOT A SINGLE ONE!


Jet Airways, as usual, no fucking surprises SCREWED me over AGAIN.

The airport was renovating the duty free shops and they were ALL CLOSED!

And Charis [who came to stay for a week] NEVER even gave me a heads up!!!!!!

So I didn’t buy any cigarettes to take back. I would have at least bought them from the fucking pan walla if CHARIS HAD AT LEAST BOTHERED TO LET ME FUCKING KNOW!!

Not only was the duty free kiosk closed but Jet had an entire catalogue of crap they were hawking on the plane but not a single fucking carton. Can you believe this shit?? Like one solitary, miserable, palty fucking carton.


I’m very upset.

As you can tell.



18 thoughts on “The Return of The Blogger

  1. it’s good to be back here. will be reading more of you? (and isn’t it about time you stopped smoking? grin)

  2. I shall be blogging more the minute i get a secand i shall NEVER give up smokingall these healthy people think they can live foreverits fucking stupidi dont want to live forever i just want to have a good time moderately

  3. im not being the butt of this fucking rant. (deliciously fucking droll pun)your the only one who managed to go through customs,duty free and a 10 hour flight and not be able to buy a single cig. guess youll have to become healthy like those other sad wretches.

  4. arreh if you were down you should have given me a call. I would have finally seen your elusive house for one thing. Leo raves about it till he’s blue in the face.

  5. i actually quit smoking today, and i have to admit its been a tough 6 hours, but now ive woken up i dont know if it was such a good idea. being unhealthy is far less stressfull.

  6. its funny you should mention this but one of my colleagues at work is on a 12 day raw food health and diet detox. which means no sugar no caffeine no nothing. so far its been pure hell and the raw food diet tastes like shit. being unhealthy is definately a lot less miserable.

  7. just went to the doctor about my smoking. he said to lead a healthier lifestyle i should instead stop masturbating, i told him im not cumming here any more.

  8. oh fucking fantastic, a joke about masturbation and it simply has to be ccjl. im far more complex than that.

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