UJ Music War

In the ongoing music war that rages through my fair office, so far Addie has triumphed hands down but through MaM’ s diligent and persistent moaning about his ‘weird’ music finally won the day.

We found the brilliant FM website and are, as we speak, channeling a selection of 80’s music that satisfies the souls of all the office occupants.

We are currently listening to Material girl and Eye of the Tiger

Favourite typo of the week:

If you thought the scariest thing to come out of Scotland was sulking in Loch Ness, you were wrong, as the Ardbeg Beastie Mobile escapes Islay’s shores to force its Whisky of the Year upon the unsuspecting folk of Canary Wharf. Be afraid; but not afraid enough to pass up free boos and cheese.


Deranged comments preferred

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