UJ Morning

Dragging myself out of bed this morning felt like I was training for the Olympics.

Lots of self encouragement. You can do it. Go on now. Let’s go! Yay! Come on!

Spent ages rationalizing skipping work. Working from home, sure I can. I’ll work from home.

I’ve done it before, it wont be dull I just lie here for 5 more mins. My watch is set 20 mins fast anyway I wont be late. 5 more mins. I only need 9 mins in the loo anyway. My hair is always shit so it doesn’t even matter and my clothes are on the floor.

Only losers iron clothes or colour co-ordinate, the bus wont take more than 5 mins to get to the tube and it’s a direct line. It’s all good, I won’t be late. 5 more minutes

I was late of course, and guilt ridden. I had sudden flash backs to the ‘Foz’ years

Luckily the office has none of Foz’s exacting punctuality and I work late so fuck it.

Deranged comments preferred

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