UJ The ‘Comment’

ChavSomeone posted a strongly worded criticism about a piece MaM wrote about chavs on the UJ website.

This comment caused mass havoc all day for both T, Addie and MaM.

Taryn was upset and mortified. She can’t seem to stomach complaints especially not editorial ones.

MaM was also very upset. Neither the comment nor the piece were terribly serious, but then I’ve never really found chavs endearing. They scare me. So I sympathised with MaM on that.

We had a long discussion about chavs and editorial and flaming and thick skins.

We then moved on to intern baiting.

We debated who would win in a fight between my intern (Yuca) and Mam’s intern (Susan) under the tables.

Yuca, quite and the under dog could be the dark horse. But Susan so cheery could be the more ferocious fighter.

Michael would come back to the office to find us shouting

“3 to 1 on Yuca taking Susan!”

“Come on Susan! Bite her!”


Deranged comments preferred

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