UJ Music Discussion

While discussing music at UJ…

Me: “…I like depressing music sometimes”

MaM: “Look at Susan she likes cheerful stuff and you like to be depressed”

Me: “Yes but being miserable makes me happy”

Mam: “Were you a goth in your former life?”

Me: “Well I was a wannabe goth when I was younger..”

Addie : “She wears a jacket in Summer, what do you think?”

Me: “No no, I’m just cold. I’m a very cold person”

Mam : “Well you make me feel warm inside. You make me feel warm in a special place.”

Me: “Uhm….that sounds so very, very dirty”

Mam: “…uhm oh yeah I didn’t think of it that way”


Mam to Addie a little while later

“Addie you’re so wise. Your words are like little golden drops of wisdom”

A “Golden drops of wisdom? Golden drops of wisdom that warm your special place?”

Mam: “Nooooo omg that’s not what I meant!”




Deranged comments preferred

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