Technologically Handicapped

Clearly, the last post saying I was going to blog again was a lie.
Blogging is a habit easily broken, unlike smoking or drinking.
I’ve neglected it for ages. Two years to be exact. (The ex accuses me to switching from one obsession to another – My online Library, to drawing, to facebook, to this blog. Its hard to deny. I obsess easily and procrastinate often. )
I spent the last 2.5 hours trying to leave eblogger and defect to WordPress, which has better features and nicer templates.
But then I accidentally deleted the domain I wanted on wordpress and they have some irrational inhouse policy to never allow the recycling of domains.
Why, you may ask? Fuck knows.
Of course, they have some bogus bullshit reason because the guy who originally had the domain would be so upset blah blah whatever. BS, like I said. Utter claptrap.
So I sent this message to customer support…

“Deleted an inactive blog ( without realizing you could never use the domain again!!! Ever! I was planning on just creating a new account and using that domain there. (I should have transferred it I know but it was a mistake) I saw: The post on recycling domains – however I am the same user of both accounts – I would really like that domain back – deleting it was a mistake. please please pretty please”

…and they replied in a typically robotic fashion…

No. You Can’t. Screw you. Customer support hates you. How dare you ask us this? You were warned blah blah. 

You know how they are. I asked them if they weren’t being just a little despotic?
They haven’t replied to that yet.
So I’m back here, at blogger.
Like a man who tries to leave his long suffering wife for a new, shiny, technologically updated mistress but then for various reasons he ends up crawling back home to his loving but template handicapped wife.
Man, but I really, really want to switch to wordpress.


Deranged comments preferred

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