Screw you WordPress

So I’m blogging again.

Fuck WordPress. Another 3 hours, 1 cold cup of tea, an uneaten croissant and just 40 wordpress blog domains later and I still don’t like any enough to defect from eblogger. Yet.

The whittled down domain list:

  1. scritchp********** (too dangerous. My last blog of this name got sniffed out by my father)
  2. (I hate the number at the end)
  3. (I guess)
  4. (I was feeling calmer when I made this one)
  5. (That is largely what I do)
  6. (hmmm quite like it, it has a nice ring and remind me of my house in bombay and also references cats, of which there are many in my house in bombay, altho downsides are there is one too many uses of the word ‘press’)
  7. (my tagline)
  8. (I neglect punctuation, so it is fitting)

sigh. What to do?


2 thoughts on “Screw you WordPress

Deranged comments preferred

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