The Deep – Natural History Museum

Visited the Natural History Museum’s The Deep exhibition with The Ex. (The ex and I live together now and really shouldn’t be called the ex anymore but you know, habit is habit).

The exhibits were very beautiful, very strange and very drawable – Especially the deep sea Lillies and strange fish with teeth too big to fit their jaws. I also like the scientific names chosen for the different levels of the Deep sea – Sunlight Zone (Shallows), Twilight Zone (a little light), Midnight Zone (Even less light), The Dark Zone (no light at all). Makes perfect sense.

Side note: Downside of the NHM is that some of the exhibits are shockingly poor (‘Creepy Crawlies’) in an attempt to cater to “families” – 80’s style plastic replicas instead of specimens, cheap gimmicks and tacky, horrible design. I felt outraged. I want real, not plastic. I feel the same way about breasts.

The original plan was to visit Kew gardens – There have been many complaints that I don’t want to go away for bank holidays blah blah, I am so lazy blah blah…So my plan was Kew Gardens – its a far enough trek to feel like your away from London.

The ex is cranky and we squabble all morning (nothing changes). This is the usual morning routine: Its all lovey-dovey-cuddly-wuddly in the bed, but the minute I step out of it the love abruptly stops.

“You take too long in the loo!” was the start of our squabble.

Then, “Why aren’t you ready yet??”

Then “We’re definately going to Kew! I want to go out! I don’t just want to sit at home!”

As soon as we get on the tube the ex doesn’t want to go to Kew anymore. (there is of course more shouting in between the argument above and reaching the tube). By then the crank has thankfully worn off and now we go much more cheerfully to the Natural history Museum, which is exactly halfway to Kew. A neat little compromise.

There is one small sulk (mine) at the Natural history museum but it last only about 30 seconds. All in all I’d say a successful day trip.


7 thoughts on “The Deep – Natural History Museum

  1. hey… i’m reading as well…
    “This is the usual morning routine: Its all lovey-dovey-cuddly-wuddly in the bed, but the minute I step out of it the love abruptly stops.”
    the above phenomenon, unsuprisingly persists in most rooms.
    in all of 4yrs, i frolicked in the kew gardens only once. shameful, considering all i do is grumble these days about the lack of green in this ‘beautiful’ city i live in.

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