A Days Work


So inky is going to be put down tomorrow. The cutest of cats. He’s very ill and won’t eat or drink. I have so many photos of him. He isn’t even that old. Poor baby.

I’ve belatedly decided I will join the ranks of London cyclists. I’ve joined Barclay cycle hire scheme. I wish I could have come to his decision this at the start of summer instead of when the weather is about to take a nasty turn for the worst. I spent 20 minutes trying to convince the ex into joining this scheme so we can ride around Regents park. (I saw people riding around Regents Park. It was a sunny balmy evening and I was envious of their casual cycling). I mention this because today is the start of a 48 hr tube strike, by those lazy, over-paid, fucking, striking bastards who want to hold all Londoners up for ransom. Fuckers. I hate them. I need to cycle.

Last week did a bit of logo design for some clean-power company (fail), a bit of web design (success), and today a bit of interactive flash design for some banking business (so boring I could die).

I have yet to to really master the art of good logo design. I did some branding and logo’s for Jalebi Ink here, here, herehere & here, which was a lot of fun, and I’d like to do more. I feel racked with indecision while designing logos. There are endless typefaces to chose from, endless directions to meander down. It’s not as straightforward as a website, where the content and needs of the site dictate to a degree some decisions automatically.

(On a side note: I hate the word ‘fun’ in a brief  – ‘Fun’, doesn’t mean anything. Although corporate usually means grey, clean and modern)

Freelancing is not for me (I’m at a full-time job now). It has taken upto 3 years to figure this out. Lots of people out there (well a couple of design blogs), seem to recommend it, But there is no security (for me) and searching & pitching for jobs is a constant chore (again, maybe some people think this is fun, like people think crowds of people are fun). I can’t handle it as a main source of income, the stress of being homeless just gets to me. Part-time freelance works better I find.

It also took a while to figure out that no matter how much I tried, coding/development would never work for me either. At the height of job desperation the ex convinced me that these kind of dev. jobs were the ones I should apply myself to. I wish I had never bothered. It was a ludicrous attempt. I failed maths 3 years in a row. Those job applications were the most soul-destroying, the rejections the most crushing. I regret the amount of time I put into that route and the emotional investment involved.

I shouted at the 18-year-old summer intern today. MD said I made him cry. (He didn’t cry, but I feel bad now.) My tolerance level for his stupidity has dropped to zero. This boy just opens his mouth to turn every conversation into a debate – not just any debate  – a really fucking stupid debate. It doesn’t even matter what your response is, his argument is only based on being the opposite of yours (which would be fine it they were sensible). You remember those arguments you had in the 3rd standard?

“You are wrong times a million.”

“No! You are wrong times a billion!”

“Oh yeah? Well times into infinity!”

“Oh yeah well I use God! Nothing beats God…”

“Hah! Mirror reflects God, Mirror reflects everything, I win!”

Eventually one person just ends up yelling,

“Mirror!” “Mirror!”

while the other yells

“You can’t use mirror! That’s cheating!”

(If you do decide to use the above argument in a current debate, you must hold your hand up palm outwards when you say ‘Mirror’. It’s a rule. I had this argument with Leo very recently. It was fun. He lost. Hah! ‘Mirror!’)

Anyway the intern is so fucking literal, that when I drew a parallel between the argument above and his inane comments, he actually started trying to argue about the existence of God, and then about how mirrors only reflects neutrons.

I just hold my hand up and say “Mirror!” until it annoys him.

3 thoughts on “A Days Work

  1. what can i say… a very entertaining read. a few typos, but you have posted a warning that they will occur. wise move. hairy had a cycle in london. the 1st one got stolen on the 1st day at spitafield. we were at bar 101, it was day time. he went the next day, to the bricklane market to see if the little thieves were trying to resell it. he came back with another one. i think that one got stolen as well, at some random point. then came a 3rd. was very loyal. carried him almost everywhere. and it also kept him relatively fit. i could have confused the sequence of events, but that’s not important. get a cycle. just make sure, you get a very good, strong, chain and lock!

  2. thats why i want a folding cycle – they are expensive but i can keep it under my desk when i’m at work – it took me 2 hours to get to work today! tube strike and the buses were gridlocked for miles
    had to walk from essex rd nearly to baken st.

    I remember this hairy story – he had another bike stolen, so he went for a walk and found it chained around the corner on another block – so he he chained it and called the cops

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