The Apocalypse is Nigh

MD told me in the car on the way home today that it is strange when a person says they categorically never want children. It goes against the genetic drive to procreate blah blah, like whateveas. (I said I couldn’t honestly imagine having children, even in an alternate reality).

I have a theory (totally un-researched), that breeding requires a certain amount of vanity and self-delusion, to really feel that your crappy-ass genes are worth reproducing.

Self absorbed though I am, I just don’t have that level of self-love.

Also seriously, there are too many people. Look at this a 10 day traffic jam in Beijing! 10 days! We need to stop having so many babies. Really, like, now.

I am convinced the apocalypse is nigh.

Fire tornadoes in brazil, that insane traffic jam, a 400 year old Volcano springing to life in Indonesia, floods in pakistan, (and match fixing of course, far more serious I’m sure.) earthquakes in Haiti, then New Zealand? And last but not least, a woman who threw a cat in a wheelie bin! (serious outrage caused with the last one).

I’m telling you. The end of the world is here. Repent sinners. We’re doomed.



9 thoughts on “The Apocalypse is Nigh

  1. This post is nothing more than a misguided ramble or a paltry cry for attention. I would deem it very satisfactory that you will not be engaging in the act of procreation, as having a child involves a little bit of ‘self sacrifice’ and ‘love’, something i am sure you are completely devoid of. Ironically your comments over vanity and self delusion in having children, are perhaps more apt in regards to your reasons for not having them. A lot children just so happen to be bore out of love between two people (i.e my children)and i am assuming you were also, but i am also assuming that you also describe your parents as ‘self deluded’, ‘vain’ and ‘Breeders’ as you so eloquently put it. You have been given the gift of life (admittedly through no choice of your own) and have graciously defined it as an act of pure ‘vanity’ that only causes traffic jams. Well could you please display the ultimate act of righteousness and remove yourself from the ‘traffic jam’ so we all may get a little further up the queue.

    • of course it’s a ramble, fool. its a personal blog.
      what do you expect? BBC world service news?

      and yes, my parents are extremely deluded – they think the sun shines out of my ass – as no doubt you think about your offspring (regardless of their real or imagine talents).
      and yes, procreation, in my opinion, is clearly an act of vanity. you want to see something made that looks like you.

      Spare me your self-serving breeders mantra about love, unselfishness etc etc. People have children because they want children. Its not an act of charity.

      But this blog is my opinion. and if you don’t like it, go here.

  2. now now be nice. that’s a terrible place to send him. i’m not going to give you my opinion on procreation. considering i’m in debate about that in my head these days. also i’ve been rambling on the need to control the human race population at many occasions. i might end up being hypocritical. please be kind to me if you hear that i’m looking bloated.
    where as, the earth protesting! there i completely agree. she’s so pissed off. i would be. it’s her time to revolt and our time to repent.

  3. I’m always nice 🙂 – besides no doubt he’ll love the website I sent him too – they might have many things in common.

    and I’m sure you’ll lovely as lovely as ever even when bloated. x

  4. Wow that guy is a bit of a cunt. I think he has taken this post as a slight against his children, who im sure are bound to grow up as aids ridden homosexuals, who will not only be unable to procreate but also contribute to the population lessening just that little bit more.

    please note: i have heroically hidden behind my anonymity

  5. hey! i didnt say only homos have aids, i was merely implying this guys children will grow up that way as a kind of ‘ultimate fuck you’ to his breeders complex. Im not some kind of insensitive homophobe, ive always been well versed about gay people and their struggles ever since i watched the ‘Birdcage’.
    I also thrive on irate comments, but i prefer ones with a more poisonous vitriol, this guys pretty tame by comparison.
    im sure you can guess who this is

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