You’re fading from my picture Mr. Bond…

Roger Moore was the worst Bond.

And he has a fat face.

I’d just thought I’d put that out there.


8 thoughts on “You’re fading from my picture Mr. Bond…

  1. I always thought he was a really good Bond. Okay his looks werent all that, and he was a poor actor but he could raise a single eyebrow at will, and i always found that really cool. Infact in my younger days i used to try imitate the eyebrow thing in a bid to get girls, amdmittedly it never got me any vagina, but had it done so i would have owed it all to Roger Moore.

    • nah, personally he’s the one that irritates me the most. Especially his great big smarmy fat face. And he can’t even act. But I can totally do the one eye brow thing. It took years of practice.

  2. I liked Pierce Brosnan, he was pretty smooth (the earlier years, esp not the movie with Hale Berry in it.) and the recent Casino Royal was good. Sontam of Qualace not so much..

  3. I dont like pierce brosnan. he was tall, goodlooking and had 007 inches in his trousers, he was was everything i wasnt. But talking of halle berry, i saw her in catwoman the other day, and she the easily the best pussy ive ever seen…

    send complaints to the usual address.

  4. he got lamer and lamer as the movies went on. I think i knew it was over when Halle Berry was cast as a Bond girl – she should stick to Monster Ball esq roles. Catwoman was an outrage. Why did you remove yourself from facebook?

  5. i had to remove myself from facebook, cos people from school keep pestering me to go with out them socially, apparently its not enough to be only ‘fb friends’, for some reason they need to physically be next to me whilst drinking and i have zero intention of seeing them. and the only way they can contact me is through facebook, so i put two and two together.

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