Hayward Gallery Fountain

My favorite photos, From the best and hottest week of the summer.
Swam in an art exhibition pool on the Hayward Gallery roof, sunny and lovely and unfortunately only for 30 minutes.
Then ran around this modular fountain overlooking the Southbank.
Sections of the fountain would start-up or close off, creating rooms, spaces, light and shadows of people in them.

40 Fountain Sunny 39 Fountain Sunny 36a Fountain Sunny 38b Fountain Sunny 35c Fountain Sunny 33 Fountain Sunny 31 Fountain Sunny 20 Pale Boy 12 Cold Kid 10 Cold Kid 24 Sunny Sky 28 Me Shading Eyes 22 Mam Sunning 4 Mam Sunning 44a Mam On Steps 48 Waterloo


4 thoughts on “Hayward Gallery Fountain

  1. Very atmospheric. And that with your crappy phone no less! Who’s the blonde chic who refused to take off her shorts to go through the fountain? Moron.

  2. no idea really – but she mustnt have bought a swimsuit like us girlguides
    I’m very pleased with the pictures – i only regret I didn;t have a higher resolution camera

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