Risqué Joke

Simpoh Air Leaf aka CB Leaf

This leaf is also known locally as the CB Leaf. ‘CB’ is the acronym for the local (and rather vulgar) term for ‘vagina’. I guess you can see where it gets its name from! For some strange reason, the new leaves appear from the axil of the old ones. In days before disposable ware, the leaves were also used to wrap rojak (a local salad). It is also used to wrap tempeh (Malay fermented soyabean cakes).

A client made a rather risqué joke yesterday – something about being a broker by day and a cunning linguist by night

(I have no idea what the context for this was)

The intern didn’t understand.

I don’t get it, what are you guys talking about??

…he whined

In fact he didn’t even know what it meant at all. He kept asking and we kept directing him to google. (because it was more entertaining not saying anything)

Eventually the intern found the urban dictionary definition for it. Then started talking about the word ‘gash’ and its uses in language.

A at this point decided that enough was enough and said so.

But the intern bulldozed on and on about ‘gash’.

A said again,

“INTERN! INTERN! Please stop this discussion now. I think that’s enough”

The intern still didn’t seem to register that A was serious in shutting him up and kept rabbiting on (this was all starting to feel a little uncomfortable now).

Finally A was shouting

“INTERN! INTERN!! I MEAN IT! STOP THIS DISCUSSION. NOW! When I say stop I want you to listen, ok intern?”

The intern finally silent and abashed said


He doesn’t understand, he thinks we’re all having a go at him all the time for no reason – but he just doesn’t listen to a word. He never listens. It’s impossible to rationally talk to  him. Even when explained kindly, or politely he won’t let it go.

Sometimes I think the intern is very tall 12-year-old, not an 18-year-old heading off to college. I mean college! He is so going to get thumped in college. Heck sometimes, I want to thump him now.

The commonwealth games fiasco tickles me pink. The office is loving it. I say the office, but really just me, M & A. It reminds me very much of an Indian dev company we were working with. They seemed to share the same work ethic as the Commonwealth Games organisers. Leo wrote a very good piece here on it.

I didn’t even remember it was on in October until all the buildings started falling down. It’s like a comic where a series of ridiculous disasters happen one after another. I’m sure more people will tune in just in the hope that something else will fall down. What a great farce. I’m rubbing my hands in glee, hoping that the whole damn thing will be called off.

Now if only the London Olympics could be cancelled. These things just seem money-black-hole. I don’t understand the appeal. I’ve never understood the appeal. One of the A’s said it gives hope and blah and shit – but I don’t know. Knowing billions is spent on a total nonsense (and largely lining the pockets of the organizers in the process) doesn’t fill me with great hope.

My mother is obsessed with the opening ceremony for the Olympics though. Last time she called me and said

Did you watch the ceremony?? Wasn’t it amazing?

I said no, like, pfft I don’t watch that.

She got very upset

You’ll never see it again!…… IN YOUR LIFE!!

My mother acts as if recording equipment has never been invented.

She also yells on long distance calls – because the person is further away, so you have to talk louder.

If the person is in Bombay – normal voice, Delhi – louder voice, abroad – then shouting.

That’s all for today – it’s been very busy. I’ve been designing an iPad app all day – creating endless options and going a bit mental.

Back hurts, tummy hurts. Everything is hurting. Time to watch River Cottage and imagine I’m in the country.


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