Clear Errors

Had a rough day. A rough last 3 days.

Actually since Monday. Very stressful.

Finally submitted my visa application this afternoon and all my fingers and toes are crossed.

Yesterday and today I went through so many options for that frikkin ipad app I thought I was losing my mind. Even the big A (A1) was getting annoyed at my millions of options with miniscule changes. I think by the end my mind was gone.

Finally (and I mean finally) I wrapped things up this evening.

Put all the jpgs on ‘presentation boards’ and sent it to A1 before I left the office.

Got an email at about 11:30pm, well into my evening at the Munt’s place, chilling with Leo and the ex,


Thanks but you did not check this properly before sending to me.

There are clear errors on slide 5 and 10 which I will have to delete for now.

Please correct first thing Monday so I can resubmit.

Please be more careful in future.


I can tell this is an angry email.

And it really killed my friday evening mellow mood.

I lost all interest in talking to Leo or the Munt, which felt strange, like a switch had been turned off, and I just wanted to go home immediately. I wish I was more thick-skinned and didn’t give a fuck. I’m really annoyed with myself about these errors especially since I was in a rush and didn’t check it properly enough. Always a stupid thing to do. And I know it.

I can’t stop trying to figure out what kind of errors they were and what was on slide 5 & 10. Typo’s? Visual? The wrong slides? Arrrgggggghh!!

The worst part it was, as I was wrapping up, I brushed aside a nagging thought that maybe I should email myself the files incase there was a mistake (the package had to go out today) but then didn’t because it would take too long and everyone wanted to lock up and go home.

I’m kicking myself. What the heck were those damn errors!! Dammit!


Deranged comments preferred

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