Commissioned Card

What the symbolism is, I have no idea.

Someone commissioned this card (well begged, pleaded, promised me gossip and a hot chocolate) for a certain un-named someone.

My nose sniffs out some romantic entanglement ( It was about time too, this girl was pulling an absolute ‘H.’ at the rate she was going).

And I intent to hold her to her word about the gossip.


11 thoughts on “Commissioned Card

  1. I resent dry-spells being called ‘Heble’s’. It is a travesty of a grand name. My forebears were martyred at the Battle of Hastings (google “Heble” for proof). Furthermore, I have a deep and meaningful relationship with my fist.

  2. And the fuck does “Your comment awaits moderation” mean? I wasn’t consulted for moderation when my name was lampooned on a public forum!!!

    • relax relax, its just for the spam bots. i always approve comments.
      the word ‘heble’ is used by the english dictionary i’ll have you know, as a term for a dry spell.
      ‘heble’ has many uses and meanings

  3. And I would say the gossip provided was of adequate worth to cover the payment… My love life is a travesty. It is true. I still owe the hot chocolate. Change it to pulling a MaM I won’t mind… Though I can’t imagine any other human being would have to contend with the shit show of suitors who cross my path!!

  4. thats true your gossip is unparalleled. you ought to consider writing a column on called “MaM’s Dating Disasters”

    although that could limit you

    so maybe something with a more hopeful bent…you’re a writer you give me a title

  5. I feel like if I do that it’ll become a self-perpetuating prophecy and I don’t know how much more disaster/drama I can take! I should call it ‘collecting karma’ and assume that eventually putting up with this bullshit will encourage the universe to be kind to me by hooking me up with the perfect man.

  6. Who sold swimwear online and smelled?!?! That wasn’t me the one before was the dickhead New Zealander who managed to fall over his own pushbikes handlebars and break his collar bone!!

  7. I must have blocked it out does sound suspiciously like The Game guy who spent our date telling me about the book and then how he was using its theories on me as we were speaking. A low point on the dating circuit…

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