Mid-Year Resolution

This weekend was an utter waste of time.  Every morning I think to myself

“Today, I will leave early (well 6:30pm, which is considered ‘early’),
get home, NOT sit on my laptop and do some drawing”

I never end up leaving early, and I never not look at my laptop even though I’ve been on a computer all day.

Then I say, ok I’ll do it when the weekend comes. By the weekend I procrastinate. All saturday I redesigned my blog background and headers. It’s important, its vital! I told myself. ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I COULD EVER DO!

What is wrong with me? I need to get back in the saddle. I’ve been stuck on the same drawing since March. Fuck that’s bad, even for me. I need to stop having a life, loafing so much and facebooking.

I need a wristband that has WWFS on it.

What Would Foz Say?

“That’s utter bollocks!”,

“I find your attitude unacceptable”

“Your sense of colour is pedestrian”

“Stop making excuses and get on with it”

…that’s what he’d say.

Ok now that’s it, I’m going to spend the next 2 hours carefully scritching out grass with a green coloured ball-pen.

Goodbye blog.

(Note to self: must get more green, red and pink ball pens.)


Deranged comments preferred

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