Selection of 10 Great Animation Shorts

The little Shrigley animation goading people to support the arts inspired me to look around for more shorts.

I also had an intense late-night digital-art google-search mega-binge (I’m patenting that term) on friday, which eventually ended, as all these things end, at 2:30am watching pointless videos of kittens falling asleep in teacups (how do you fight something like that? Well, you can’t, I defy you to find me someone who can resist a kitten in a teacup)

However kittens aside, below are a few of my spoils: some forwarded to me, some pilfered from other blogs and others I watched ages ago.

Fantastic planet (Full – Part 1)

A strange surreal short about some blue people on another planet. They may or may not eat humans….or something. Being a geek I also know it plays on the TV in the background in a scene from the movie ‘The Cell’.

A Romance in Lower Mathematics: The Dot & The Line (Full)

The intensely entertaining tale of a somewhat troubled relationship between a line and a dot. Still one of my favorites books and animations.

Dot. The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8

Much like kittens in teacups I find it hard to resist any kind of stop motion animation. This one is being hailed as the smallest ever made, made by the same company that does the Wallace & Gromit films.

A Grand Day Out (Full)

The first Wallace and Gromit movie I watched and still one of the best. An absent minded inventor flies to the moon since they’ve tragically run out of Wensleydale.

Max and Mary – Official Trailor

A lovely (and dark) Aussi claymation voiced by Dame Edna Everidge, and Phillip Seymore Hoffman. About a fat New Yorker called Max who suffers from aspergers and a little Aussie girl called Mary who become pen-pals. With a great soundtrack by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Logorama (Full)

The 2009 Animation Short Oscar winner and a brilliant bit of satire. Renegade Ronald McDonald goes on the run after a heist. Mayhen ensues in the quiet little town of Hollywood.

Watch the full movie here –

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (Full)

Granny tells a bedtime story to a kid but manages terrify her instead. Good plan.

French Roast (full)

I quite liked this and I suppose it has an appropriate ending, but I found it all a bit too french. I mean, too much like the bicycle animation movie, whatchamacallit – Belle Ville Rendezvous

Vincent – A Tim Burton Short

A great Tim burton animation with the best narrator voice ever. (Vincent Price)

Strindberg and Helium

There are no words to describe this animation except that for some mysterious reason it’s very lovable. Heeeelium!


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