Accents Galore

I’ve resolved to stop posting fun and amusing things on facebook and post them here instead.

So here we go…(I love his South African accent, also the stuff he says is hilarious)

and her (she has a fascinating face and says less hilarious, but more believable things)


4 thoughts on “Accents Galore

  1. my apologies for the double comment. my keypad is behaving rather badly these days. i have to bang at the little buttons hard to get a response sometimes. and just at that moment, it decides to become all soft touch again. i must say ask though, how do you manage to find the time to find all these ‘fun and amusing things’? i can barely manage to do what i have to do and that is barely enough. that is one of my everyday complaints.
    by the way, i love ‘nigella express’. don’t know why i am telling you that. it’s 10.30am. i’m sitting in the middle of a very noisy household, namely my mothers, and trying very hard to zone out in my ramblings.

    • well people at work send them to me
      or face-achers post them
      or the new yorkers culture vulture blog
      or various others i’ve linked
      I subscribe so they drop into my inbox
      And sometimes on weekdays i like to ‘organise’ my laptop
      altho my drawing has been sadly neglected –
I cant draw and blog, somethings gotta give
im trying to wait until i have a few posts – then do then all in one sitting to save time.
i have serious time mgmt probs
      i love nigella – she reminds me of you (in a good way of course – not the fatness)
also masterchef the professionals is great
i’ve been screen grabbing the faces they make when a contestant serves bad food

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