Monday Morning Snooze

Bench near work

Monday, 11 Oct 2010

Spent 4 hours yesterday in a meeting.

4 hours.

No meeting really needs to be 4 hours long.

I was so, so bored. And I’m afraid I really only got about 20 minutes worth of design information out of that meeting.

The client needed things to be explained to him quite slowly (he’s a bit old, but very nice).

First by A#1, then his son would explain or debate, then A#2, then it would be debated again. Then explained again. Then confirmed. It reminded me of the super-long crits we used to have on my M.A. I kept fiddling with my pen, and looking out of the window.

I wish I could have at least got on with work and listened at the same time. My input wasn’t needed so often and I’m a woman. I can multi-task, for heaven’s sake.

I went to eat lunch in the park. There was no sun in the park so I sat on some posh persons door-step like a beggar.

Which reminds me – Some deaf guy rang A#2’s door at midnight or something.

A#2 opens the door and goes

“What do you want? Why are you ringing?”

This guys signs and stuff and says simultaneously,

“Oh I live here, but I’ve lost my key. Can you let me in mate?”

A#2 asks

“I don’t think you live here. I’ve never seen you before”

The deaf guy goes

“No, no I really live here. Just help me out mate”

A#2 is not having that,

“You don’t live here, and I heard you buzzing everyone”

Turns out this guy wasn’t even deaf.

He was faking the sign language and even putting on the intonation you have when you can’t hear.

Why A#2 opened the door in the middle of the night in the first place, is what I don’t understand. He still had crutches (he fell off a rock and injured his leg). The fake deaf guy could have easily lamped him and then legged it.


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