Must Remember to Replace with Cats

My parents in their semi-retirement nostalgia, painstakingly made a collage of various photos of me and my brother when we were young.

So in response I have painstakingly replaced our heads with heads of various cats. (Not our cats. Just some cats).


Also, I have the flu.

Lolz! I iz making laughing wee-wee! Soz! Wft! Omfg! La-la Ting-ting!


12 thoughts on “Must Remember to Replace with Cats

  1. Dude that is superbrillski. Also you have far too much time on your hands. Also, I’m glad to see you hugged your brother when you were small. What happened to all the lurve man?

  2. why? its fun to do cats heads. and what are YOU talking about. your blog used to have posts and posts with pictures of flowers.

    and sometimes leaves.

    flowers and leaves. what can i say?

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