Sunday Nerdy Sunday

There was a point in time where R. used to title all of her posts with marginally adapted titles of songs.

All her blog posts were largely of photos in psychedelic colours, flowers, blurry shots of leaves & pictures of skittles. You could tell right away, this blog was unashamedly the blog of a hippie.

In tribute to R. I have titled my post thus…

Spent all Sunday afternoon vectoring my self-portrait (Gravatar on the sidebar and below). I had stupidly made this on Photoshop with paths but didn’t realise the genius of vector shapes. (Scalable unlike pixels which lose resolution)

Alas, La Guillotine

I have learned, painfully, the error of my ways – had to do a google search but once figured out it was a fairly simple yet laborious task to convert all my saved paths into vector shapes.

Then spent all evening vectoring my plastic-thinga-ma-jig below (Make Your Own Design Kit).

Make Your Own Design Kit (Rainbow)

It was a terribly nerdy sunday, but enjoyable. I even used my desk.

This can go on my imaginary business card – or a digital business card. Or a T-shirt – or maybe just a postcard.

There are I’m sure many versions of this all over the internet but this is my mouse, sharpener, pens, and usb.

I had a great idea for a novelty product

See this ‘ere chicken? When you squeeze it a gooey egg pops out of it.


Imagine that was a woman (a rubber woman obviously). She’s wearing a miniskirt and a black bra and of course she’s pregnant. When you squeeze her out comes the egg and inside is floating a little baby!

In a way if I could get this made it would be a nice little addition to my baby/pregnancy project. It would also make a great baby shower gift.

This guy came on ‘Bargain Hunt’ with a 100 year old beautifully illustrated cardboard theatre. He even had hand-made sound effects (You shook a cylinder for thunder & lightning). Unlike the multi-talented Emma, I cannot knit or make lace nor do I have enough space for a proper dolls house. But I think I can manage a paper flat pack illustrated theatre. My drawings look flattish anyway so I think it’ll work. (If I can stop blogging/facebooking and organising my photos that is)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of Paper Theatre images nicked from this blog

The last sunday I ego-surfed and if you type only my surname into google I come up on #9. Being a mega-geek this was terribly exciting.

This must be what famous people feel like, except #9 on google rankings is as close to fame and fortune as I’m going to get.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Nerdy Sunday

  1. i could help you with the rubber woman baby popping out idea. but you got to wait till i’m pregnant or we’ll have to really stuff my pants to create the look. so, basically, you know my whole casting myself obsession right? so, you take my mold, we caste it in latex. make a fibre egg…oooh no wait. we also caste me in feutal position, like a baby. and build a transluscent egg around it. stuff that in the pregnant latex me, so that becomes the pregnant tummy…oooh come on… brilliant!!!

  2. wow I wasn’t thinking of it being big but I really like that idea
    – maybe a big one in the center like some ancient beast goddess
    – with thousands of tiny ones (5cm or so) around her, like worshippers
    – but I want the tiny ones to work exactly in the same way as the rubber chicken
    – I want the baby-egg to pop out once it’s squeezed or stepped on
    I’m imagining a room, in the center on a pedestal the big one, around her on the floor the small ones

    You know the more i think about this the more I like it –
    But i’d need to source a company to manufacture the small ones which would cost like a couple of grand I imagine if not more.

    But one day I will do this. I really think as an idea it works (for me) and is obscene and still ambitious and it really sums up how i feel about the whole thing (pregnancy and birth).

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