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Had the flu for 2 days

Felt like I had been out drinking and taking a drugs and this was my hangover punishment.

I did however eat a lot of Soothers and drink Lempsip max, my staple cure-all for the flu.

I felt guilty on the second day, like 2 days sick was too much, so I dragged my sick ass over the desk to do some work so I wouldn’t be behind on my design schedule.

In a way is really nice to be busy – Although I think I have shoe-horned myself into a design corner.

It’s all very minimalist super clean and I wish I could do some mad designs. Stuff with crazy textures and images and shit like that.

Fun stuff. I don’t know.

I seem to land the serious projects and they don’t want mad textures (sigh).

In a way minimal is an easy route, considering my design noobishness.

Been obsessing over my blog stats. Man it is constant disappointment and then some. Sometimes they peak for no clear reason (Mondays & Wednesdays so far) and days like today are so low I even consider enabling google again. (NO STOP! THINK! DANGER! DANDER!).

Now enough of geeksville. I must go draw some green biro grass on a lawn and be an illustrator again.

Ah! So nice! Actual paper and pens. Actual real things. Who cares about clean, minimal, texture and kerning anyway?


6 thoughts on “The Schedule

  1. ‘Who cares about clean, minimal, texture and kerning anyway?’

    Unfortunately I was watching. Oh what a joy to have clients who appreciate kerning! Most of my ‘clients’ think typography begins and ends in microsoft word and are blind to any kind of finesse. Last week I managed to shoehorn in some white space and got away with it (an Islington estate agent) but as a rule I’m forced to design wearing boxing gloves. One day I will write a book about designing for Estate Agents…

    I wish I had the flu too.

  2. i’d like to see your designs/ maybe i’ll be inspired to be less clean and minimal (i use the word minimal loosely – clients always want to cram every available space with something)

  3. oh the client never care about kerning. Only relevant in branding excercises anyway. Why is it that the client always picks the design you least like?
    Occasionally though they get it right.
    i did some animations that were really complicated and I think the clients suggestions probably improved it a whole bunch by just stripping out all the complications and making it very simple

  4. Your comments hearten me somewhat. I thought it was only Estate Agents that see space as an expensive vacuum. It’s true though, sometimes I have dug my heels in to prevent a catastrophe only to find that that the client was talking sense for once.
    I get frustrated sometimes as all of our business is web-generated and so the dialogue is often reduced to a single line from a Blackberry (‘don’t like it.’). On the plus side I’ve never had a four-hour meeting.

    On the whole though, I think all the shit has made me a better designer, even though it might not be immediately apparent. One day I may offer Thames & Hudson the opportunity to compile a coffee-table book of Estate Agents artwork with a mind-numbing critique.

  5. currently I have to say Project A & Project B are very very into their white space and are quite good clients.
    the animations i did as well for this hedge fund type thing also had good sensible clients. I think people are coming around to it now altho hotels for some reason love to cram shit everywhere.
    send links what sites have you designed?

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