One Yellow Window

A#2 discovered I wasn’t going to add him on Faceache or if I did I’d have to put him on limited. (I’ve worked there over 12 months and he only just realised we weren’t Facebook buds)

I think he was mildly surprised and/or insulted.

Even though A#2 is a chiller and a very nice boss, it’s just too dangerous to allow him access to the nonsense and horror of my Faceache page.

I feel mildly guilty, but I’m not even adding my father, a blood relative, and I got a heck of a lot of emotional blackmail for that. (My mother called up saying he was ‘damn upset’. He then told my mother to ask me why I wasn’t ‘friending’ him, and how can I be so mean? So on and so on…my mother said she’d try to explain it to him.)

Taught the office how to use the word ‘podhu’. They were really happy.

But  found the soft ‘dh’ very hard to say.



















i.e., simpleton. MD thought it meant round, short, fat, stupid and found that hilarious (MD is a bit short, round, self-aware but definitely not stupid)…which also works I suppose.


5 thoughts on “Podhu

  1. Hehe emotional blackmail 🙂 why are you so scared to add your father on Facebook? You know I was also well reluctant, but I found it quite harmless in the end. Don’t know what your dad is after, but maybe it’s just innocent curiosity (and he obviously has some free time to kill in front of a computer).

  2. my dad is very nosy, also he jumps to conclusions. I had to delete my first blog because I wasn’t careful enough to hide it and even if i added him i’d definitely put him on limited
    I don’t want him reading on my conversations,
    most other people on faceache don’t care or if they read its like *shrug* but my dad would probably read every line.

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