Ebay Bidding Tips

This post title is misleading.

I don’t have any tips. I need some tips.

It’s a shame I don’t have 20,000 readers like Penelope Trunk because she always gets good feedback for her questions.

So I lost a bid sunday night for a job lot of 52 books. During the last 30 secs someone sneaked in a bid 1 pound more than me.

(goddamn b@#*d‹©##!)

I was hoping I’d lose it because there is another job lot of 62 books that I MUST HAVE!! I must have it! I have always wanted these books!

But I still felt this sense of defeat and deflation when I lost.


So I have planned a strategic strategy for my eBay bidding showdown tomorrow.

I have a gut feeling there’s a sleeper bidder lurking to pounce in the last 30 seconds.

So the last 30 secs I put in a sneaky bid of my highest price, I’ll have a timer to go off 30 secs before, I’ll open a seperate tab with my bid typed out just so I can press send – I can’t honestly think of anything else.

But what if this other bastard bidder also does the same thing?

The bidding has gone very quiet now. It’s a waiting game

Does anyone have any useful strategies tips for me?

I really really want to win this one and I’m an eBay noob.

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