Nothing of interest, warm laundry

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(Photos above – The pea shoots I took a photo of little more than a week ago are now dead. I feel disappointed in the careless employees of XXX primary school. But the ones on the bedspread are doing as well as ever)

Today, nothing of interest.

Came home and spread out the newly dried, warm laundry on the bed and stuck my head it.

I made the ex come over and held up all the laundry so the ex could stick their head in it.

Then we both lay on top of it. (Although the ex was half lying on top of me)

It was nice and fuzzy and cosy. Mostly underwear and socks.

I put some more socks and underwear over my head for an additional top-up.

The ex and I debated the pros and cons of electric blankets.

Pros: Warm and cosy

Cons: We have enough wires in our lives

My personal con: What if the blanket catches on fire?


3 thoughts on “Nothing of interest, warm laundry

  1. I have an electric mattress heater and it’s the Best. Thing. Ever. Turn it on half an hour before bed and everythings toasty. Turn it on as soon as you wake up and getting out of bed is bearable. Win win. And only one wire!

  2. Me too, my feet were so cold on the bus this morning one of them actually went numb and I couldn’t walk for ages. I hate the winter. I want a christmas tree and a tropical summer, is that too much to ask??

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