Ebay Bidding Tips Update

Mine! All Mine!! Yes Precious!

Success! I won the auction! Now I just have to win 5 other auctions to achieve zen like contentment.

I am now the proud owner of 63 Agatha Christie books and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them.

A warm feeling on smugness pervades the household. I’m having a massive endorphin rush. This is how people get addicted to online shopping.

I woke up at 5 am this morning dreaming about eBay and my mother demolishing my Bombay house (there will be a rebuild soon). I tell her in the dream that she has ruined everything and I love the house and now its gone.

I’m very sentimentally attached to the house. Even though the water seeps through the floor and drips down the roof in the monsoon and the plug sockets constantly short and the switches shock you and the plumber once fell through the roof.

Upset about my dream, I can’t fall back to sleep. Ebay maximum bids with various decimal points are floating in front of my eyes. Tired and achy at work due to eBay dream hangover.

I think to prevent future stress I will in future just set a maximum, stick to it and not keep checking it or bother about losing. (fine last words)

PS: I think I post too regularly. At the moment it’s virtually every evening. MaM said to me when I hadn’t posted for barely 2 days that my blog had been barren for, like, aaaaages. I think this daily frequency is setting a bad precedent. I’m also not getting any drawing done.


11 thoughts on “Ebay Bidding Tips Update

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