There’s a new kid on the block. An app whiz-kid in Beijing called A. Let’s call him A3 to differentiate between A1 & A2 (and also A4, not at work)

I’m talking to A3 about our celebrity app project on MSN and I say,

“Ok no problem I’ll do that, Thank you x”

A3 then asks

“Does x = A3?”

I say

” no 🙂 its a friendly kiss”

“0 = hugs” (I am trying to clarify, and also distance myself from the word ‘kiss’)

I felt a little awkward actually typing that out.

Like ‘x’ actually is a kiss,  other than it just being something to tag at the end of an email/typed conversation. A little more casual than ‘Kind Regards’ and a little less matey than ‘cheers’.

‘Yours sincerely’ went out of fashion ages ago. They spent years in school teaching us to sign off with ‘Yours sincerely’. What a waste. All we needed was ‘x’. Or even ‘xo’.

I firmly believe the ‘x’ should never be capitalised.


Not ‘XOXO’.

‘XOXO’ makes me think of a big, slobbery, psychotic, stalker kiss.

Kiss kiss bear hug strangle.

A3 says

“haha I see. They say you are pretty. It’s nice to be talking to a pretty.”

I ‘haha’ back and then say

“thank you that’s nice to hear”. (I very strongly feel it’s now time to sign off MSN)

But I like A3 already (who said flattery never got you anywhere?)

A2 jokingly asked if I was flirting with Beijing.

Can’t hurt I suppose. After all who doesn’t like to be a pretty?

Good use of ‘yours sincerely’.

“Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interest in my proposition.
However regretfully I am not a high-class escort.
You must have misunderstood my letter.

Yours sincerely.


5 thoughts on “xoxo

  1. Hahahaha I want to be a pretty!! And why do I never get kisses (friendly) from you in texts/emails… I shan’t stoop to flattery… XOXO

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