Procrastination P.O.A

Sketch Book – Pg 3 & 4

At the beginning of 2010 I resolved to start blogging, start a sketch book again and spend more time drawing.

I started a sketch book, which after a few months of enthusiastic sketching has now started to languish at the bottom of my bag.

I not yet finished a drawing I started in March (shameful, I know), even though the only thing that’s left is some tidying up (metaphorically ).

I started blogging, in August, and now it takes up far too much of my time. (If I’m not writing a post, I’m checking my stats, fixing my blog or other nonsense)

I have no sense of moderation. One of the three has to give and at the moment I don’t want to give up any.

I need a plan. A plan of action. I need to be a woman of action, instead of a woman on couch.

A plan of action to tackle my procrastination problem.

So, the tentative plan:

Monday day when I get home from work – Blog (today, done!)
Tuesday – Big Drawing
Wednesday – Big Drawing
Thursday – Blog
Friday – Sketch Book
Saturday – Blog + Sketch Book
Sunday – Big Drawing

I will obviously, procrastinate putting the plan into action.

That’s the other problem.

Facebook whorage, Ebay mania, Youtubeing, Blogging. General dilly-dallying.

Now I have a box load of 62 Agatha Christie’s and another 80 or so box of Barbara Cartland’s to slowly wade my way through.

So little time, so much pottering about.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination P.O.A

  1. Dude man, that’s not how it works. You can’t legislate fun stuff like drawing and blogging. You’re sucking the joy out of everything. You may as well join the labour party.

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