Govt. sets first annual limit for non-EU workers

My silver choke chain (obviously not actually mine, but metaphorically I mean)

Government sets first annual limit for non-European workers

To control those coming here, the government has committed to:

  • introducing an annual limit of 21,700 for those coming into the UK under the skilled and highly skilled routes – 20,700 under Tier 2 (General) (WHAT?? FUCK!!) and 1,000 under the new ‘exceptional talent’ route; (‘Exceptional talent’ translated means ‘BUWAHAHAHA you are all screwed, none of you are ‘exceptional’ enough for us AMAZING UKBA people. WE are the new human standard! )
  • raising to £40,000 the minimum salary for those coming under the Tier 2 (Intra company transfer) route for more than 12 months;
  • restricting Tier 1 to all but entrepreneurs, investors and the exceptionally talented; and (DOUBLE FUCK!!!!)
  • requiring occupations in Tier 2 (General) to be at graduate level.

The government was determined to (fuck all non-whiteys) make changes to Tier 1 when it was revealed that approximately one-third of those coming through this route were actually doing low-skilled jobs once they were in the UK. Businesses have made it clear that their priority is to fill their specific vacancies through Tier 2. (Balls balls balls)

This is, like, a well massive rant. I is talking like an Innit, innit? Cause the govt. don’t like us bloody foreigners (sorry that’s not you CCJL the 2, you’re definitely, like, well Innit, blud.)

We (the bloody foreigners) is, like, too hard-working right? An’ we, like, can’t take no dole and we is paying taxes and they is not ‘aving it anymore.

They is, like, preferring to pay fat-azz byatches to ‘ave, like, a bunch of babies so they can get them some wicked nice council houses in central london. Massive! Holla!

(To be honest, I can’t really tell if I’m talking street or all of the above is just LOLZ speak.)

Thank god I just got my 2 year work visa.  For now, at least, I can breathe. I’m absolutely exhausted with this UKBA. Every 5 minutes they make up some new bullshit bogus rule to justify their xenophobia.

Do you know, the minute the ex got British citizenship – said perfectly seriously,

“There are too many immigrants in this country! Something has to be done about it!”

Leo and I laughed, of course, at the irony of that statement from a fellow brownie, but maybe I should just walk around in a T-shirt that says

“Yes. I’m a non-EU foreigner. With an actual a job. So fuck you, innit?”

I’ll probably get my head smashed in.

The new immigration cap covers only the non-EU people (us bloody foreigners) – who are just a fraction of the total migrants in the UK compared to the huge influx from Europe. Especially East Europe.

But who cares about that?

As long as it looks like something is being done to stop these damn hard working foreigners from taking away all the jobs from those poor, poor Innits who just can’t afford to get off benefits and can’t be bothered to do anything but trade babies for council houses. So terribly difficult for them. (This is a rant so I’m going to be totally biased).

There was actually a TV show, justifying and rationalizing why people spent years and years on the dole. It was the most infuriating, totally bullshit thing I have ever seen. It pitched immigrants vs Innits for jobs in this pseudo-documentary. I can’t remember what it was called now but I just couldn’t watch it, it made me so angry.

*Sigh* Reading things like this (below), even though I know who publishes is, also just makes me despair.

“Mother vows to keep having babies until she gets a council house”

She has had 5 or 6 kids already, all taken into care due to neglect, and is pregnant again with a 6th or 7th. Her aim is to keep breeding until she gets a house.

This woman baffles me. What is her agenda here? By going to the Daily Fail she is virtually guaranteeing that :

a. she definitely won’t get a council house now. No council will risk public ire if they do give her a house it at this point time. And especially not after the Daily Fail tars it all with their delightful brand of hysterical fear mongering.

b. She must know she is going to get a wealth of public hell and humiliation. I doubt the Daily Fail pays well enough, so why make this provocative statement?

Anyway I’m very worried about all this. It was to be expected I suppose and at least the govt. is cracking down on benefits. The system is under a massive review, and its about goddamn time. What kind of system pays people not to work?

Then they complain about “immigrants stealing their jobs” (stealing, taking, whatever, my ass, that term makes me so angry. Clearly these people weren’t good enough to get the job. That’s all. And I’ve had many rejections with the sub-text of “We’re sorry, we only hire people with British citizenship”)

I could go into a full-blown rant about this but I just got home, I’m hungry and I want to smoke one while watching In Treatment, my new favourite show.

Watch an episode. (there are 3 online, you could probably download the rest) They start slow, but will suck you in…..So I’m not drawing tonight then, it’s already 10pm and I’ve ranted for over an hour. There goes my great P.O.A

If I have to leave the country and go back to Bombay, (the ex will never leave, the ex is a full-blown Innit now. Accent, conservative views, everything. The whole kit and caboodle) I’ll have a lovely house and garden, Riddhi”ll be there, maybe Leo and apparently Bombay is very happening and shit these days. Which is comforting.

6 thoughts on “Govt. sets first annual limit for non-EU workers

  1. There seems to be the insinuation that there is an underlying element of racial discrimination involved with the cap on non-eu workers. These rules are simply to protect british workers and their interests, and not an attack on the migrant worker. But thats typical of you brown bastards being so fucking suspicious all the time.

    and stop bashing the daily mail, i love that paper x

  2. yes the poor poor british, just sitting around with their dole waiting for the most amazing job to just drop into their lap. of course they have to be protected. leo and i had a massive mutual rant last night. it was fun.

  3. I’m British and I want to rant too!! My rents gone up, VATs going up and the damn Gas has gone up just as we are about to get snow, so while I scrape together a living and try not to freeze to death, Jeremy Kyle’s guests are sitting in council flats with their fekking playstations, flatscreens and fucking fat arses getting pregnant and wondering which of the local pub-going, tracksuit-bottoms-tucked-into-white-socks-wearing lotharios is the daddy, necessitating a paternity test, lie detector test and a drug test for good measure. Clearly this deserves recognition and reward in the form of my hyper inflated taxes – and yes sure, I’ll give you half of what I have yet to earn upfront HMRC, us self employed lot can’t be trusted…. We are the problem. Ooooook look, I had a little rant!

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